The Catholic Agency for Justice, Peace and Development

Where we work

Aotearoa New Zealand

Our work within New Zealand focuses on advocacy, education, development and prayer. We strive to make a real difference in the lives of people living with poverty and injustice in our country.


In Cambodia we have a five-year programme which supports indigenous people to improve their farming techniques, adapt their crops to a changing climate, and protect their forests against illegal logging.


Caritas supports young people to become self-employed farmers through non-formal training at the Tutu Rural Training Centre.


Thousands of people are being affected by serious food shortages in northern Kenya.


In 2017 the Health Champions project was launched to promote health lifestyles and reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease. It also aims to reduce malnutrition in children.


We continue to provide support for those affected by the major earthquakes in 2015.


We have been engaged with Caritas Jerusalem in humanitarian and development projects for the past decade, which enables us to be in solidarity with the Palestinian people. 

Papua New Guinea

Caritas’ work in Papua New Guinea focuses on sustainable livelihoods, improving health, disaster preparedness and education.


We work with rural communities to develop sustainable and climate-resilient livelihoods in the Philippines. This country is particularly vulnerable to typhoons and Caritas provides emergency relief when they hit.

Solomon Islands

Caritas works with both Church and community partners in Solomon Islands to respond to key needs across the education sector, as well as water and sanitation needs.

South Sudan

We have been working with our partners in South Sudan to provide emergency supplies and improve food security and access to fresh water for the thousands of people who have been displaced by civil conflict. In 2017, famine was declared in some areas of South Sudan making the situation even more difficult. 


Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011 we have been providing Syrians with emergency assistance.

Timor Leste

In Timor Leste we focus on building capacity for livelihoods and women's enterprise.



Caritas is assisting people to improve their own livelihoods and adapt to the effects of climate change in Tonga. We have been working with Caritas Tonga since 1999.


Following Tropical Cyclone Pam, Caritas worked with the Diocese of Port Vila to provide shelter and food to those in need. We are continuing to work with our partners to help people rebuild.

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