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Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is the New Zealand Catholic Bishops' agency for justice, peace and development.

 We are a member of the Caritas Internationalis network of 165 Catholic justice, peace and development agencies working in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

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Caritas advocates for change, supports community development projects and responds to emergencies around the world.


We produce a variety of resources throughout the year that correspond to important events on the Catholic calendar.

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Hands Off the West Bank

Caritas calls on the New Zealand Government to oppose the planned annexation of the West Bank by Israel.

Seeing and hearing our migrant brothers and sisters

Sunday, June 21 marks the Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants in New Zealand. In the week leading up to this day of prayer, Caritas is inviting communities to reflect on the issue of migrant exploitation.

Kaitiaki2Share competition results are announced

Caritas is proud to announce the winners and finalists of the 2020 Kaitiaki2Share creative competition.

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Standing up for what's right

Leading up to the Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants, we reflect on our 2016 report on migrant worker exploitation in New Zealand.

Time to show some Kiwi hospitality to migrant workers

As we approach the Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants, Caritas Engagement Manager Roger Ellis reflects on the need for "Kiwi hospitality" toward migrant workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A bridge for migrant workers during the COVID-19 lockdown

In this week leading up to the Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants on Sunday, 21 June, 2020, we share a story of hope from the Filipino Chaplaincy of the Wellington Archdiocese.

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Tutu ana te puehu - Stirring up the dust