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Social Justice Week

Social Justice Week 2020 runs from September 6-12 and focuses on Catholic social teaching principles.

The title of the Caritas resources for 2020 is As Easy as CST: Unlocking the Church’s Potential. These resources will be perfect to use during Social Justice Week as schools highlight the principles of Catholic social teaching (CST) and how they are all relevant to our daily lives. However, they are designed to be used well beyond this period for schools that may be focusing on a particular CST principle for a term or specific timeframe. Resources will include: a short CST 101 video, key CST information pages for the 9 focus principles, prayers, liturgies, activities, new case studies, and student response templates. A unique icon, key and character has been designed for each of the CST principles to help students remember and understand them. These visual elements are woven throughout the resources.


Pages will be organised in different ways to help teachers and students use them in different ways. Pages have been arranged based on the relevant CST principle and also by type (e.g. activity, prayer etc…). If you plan to focus on a specific CST principle then simply choose the one you wish to use and you will find all the relevant pages together. If you want to look more broadly at a range of principles then you can use the collection of prayers, liturgies, information overviews, case studies, activities or response templates.


Check back in early August to access the resources.

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