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Lent in schools

The theme for Lent 2019 is inspired by a quote from Pope Francis: 'Living our lives with love.' We are called to live our lives with genuine love - for others and for God.

Peace, Love and Life: Hope and Challenges in South Sudan is the title of the unit which features stories from South Sudan that highlight the challenges faced by millions of South Sudanese that have encountered ongoing conflict and food insecurity.

A wide range of resources are available in both the South Sudan module and the Lent module for 2019. Teachers and students are encouraged to use the Lent module for the first and last week of the Lenten period. The South Sudan module has been designed to provide four lessons at each level between the start and end of Lent. The teacher booklet provides a good summary of all the resources available and how they can be used.

The South Sudan module can also be used as a separate stand-aone teaching unit for future use. Lessons could be easily adapted to provide a range of relevant activities for students across all levels.

Contact the education team to order hard copy versions of the various Lent 2019 resources.


Key resources

Here you'll find the teacher booklet, all the lessons and worksheets from the Lent module and South Sudan module, action plan, posters, prayer booklet, Way of the Cross PowerPoint, Y12 achievement standard and curriculum links.


New videos

Find out more about life in South Sudan and the many challenges faced by South Sudanese as a result of conflict and food insecurity in these 11 short videos. See what school is like for Lina Juan Poni and Peter Taban Alfred and hear from humanitarian workers inside the country.

Flashback videos

These 14 short videos highlight the recent history and challenges in South Sudan since the nation gained independence in 2011. Find out what life is like for people who have been displaced living in camps and hear what the famine was like in 2017.


A great selection of PowerPoints that accompany the lessons from the South Sudan module can be found here. Learn about recent history, culture, homes, water access, the 2017 famine and school life. Discover more about how Caritas is supporting the most vulnerable in South Sudan.

Lessons and worksheets by level

Find all the lessons and worksheets broken down for each year level here including teacher planning that you can easily copy and past from a Word document.

Lent in schools feedback

We're always looking to improve. Help us by filling out the Lent in schools 2019 feedback form also available here.

Lent in schools 2018

The theme for Lent 2018 was inspired by a quote from Suzanne Aubert: ‘Let us go together’. We are personally called to go on a journey - with each other and with God. In the course of the journey we are changed and we change the world around us.

Lent in schools 2017

The theme for Lent 2017 came from Psalm 27: ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek’. This phrase reminds us that when we encounter our brothers and sisters, wherever they may live, we encounter the face of Christ.

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