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Caritas Challenge

The Caritas Challenge is an annual event for schools and youth groups around New Zealand to demonstrate solidarity with those living with poverty or injustice.


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed our world. As a direct result of the lockdowns many of the planned Caritas Challenge events were postponed or cancelled. However, Caritas was overwhelmed by the support of New Zealanders to the pandemic response. Young and old demonstrated great generosity and genuine care for those in need and more than $130,000 was raised through the Caritas Pandemic Appeal. These funds enabled Caritas partners to focus on prevention, preparedness and response through raising awareness and distributing life-saving supplies.

Resources for 2021 are now available and registrations are open for this year's adventure.

This nationwide event offers hands-on experiences that are fun and informative to raise funds for those most in need in 2021.

During the Challenge, youth are encouraged to undertake an activity for up to 24 hours as a call to action to raise awareness of social justice in your own communities and beyond.




For more information, please contact Teresa Shanks.

Take up the Challenge!

Move It, Live It, Sweat It, Stop It, or create your own 24-hour Challenge. Build solidarity with those living with poverty or injustice, through hands-on experiences that are fun and informative, while you raise funds.


Who you will help

Take on the Caritas Challenge in 2021 and join Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand as they work alongside families and communities in some of the poorest and most vulnerable places in our world.


Past challenges

Caritas would like to say a huge thank you to all who participated in the Caritas Challenge in the past. We hope you join us for another Challenge in the future! 


Find the main information booklets here along with lots of great activity ideas and other resources.



Find all the Caritas Challenge forms for 2021 here.


Activities from previous years

Find here the games and activities from previous years that focus on topics such as inequality and poverty, water, the Pacific and climate change.


Caritas Challenge Registration

Ready to take on the Caritas Challenge? ONE DAY OF DIFFERENCE FOR A LIFETIME OF CHANGE.

For more information and assistance, please contact Teresa Shanks.


Order Challenge gear

Order your posters, t-shirts and pens for the Caritas Challenge here!


Caritas Challenge feedback

We're always looking to improve. Help us by filling out the Caritas Challenge 2021 feedback form.


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