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Find all the Caritas Challenge forms for 2022 here.


Caritas Challenge 2022 All Forms

Everything you need to take on the Caritas Challenge, this document includes all of the forms below in one document.

A Guide to Organising your Caritas Challenge

A flow chart to show you how to organise your Caritas Challenge from start to finish.

How Fundraising Works

How to get your donations to Caritas using your unique code.

Sponsorship Forms

Forms for co-ordinators and participants.

Application for Approval

Complete this form in order to gain approval for your event to take place.

Challenge Budget

Yes the Caritas Challenge is to raise funds, however you’ll likely incur expenses – this form helps you to budget for them.

Participant Contract

A few do’s and don’ts to ensure your Caritas Challenge is enjoyed by everyone.

Parent Newsletter

Everything your parents need to know – the when and where, and who’s in charge.

Parental Consent Form

Parents are often your biggest supporters, be sure to get their permission before you participate.

Supervision Roster

24 hour supervision by a teacher/youth worker and parent/volunteer will be needed. Roster them in shifts to ensure they get breaks.

Safety Guidelines

We love that you are participating, but we want you to be safe while doing so.

Risk Assessment Checklist

No matter how well you plan, sometimes the unexpected happens. Identify potential risks.

Risk Management Plan

No matter how well you plan, sometimes the unexpected happens. Have strategies in place, just in case.

Injury Register

Again, just in case, but we’re sure you won’t need this form.

Health and Special Needs

Collate information from your parent consent forms and have everyone’s medical needs in the one place.


Print out and use these certificate templates for both those who participated and those who helped organise your event.



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