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Who you will help

Your support and participation in the Caritas Challenge will enable us to continue working in South Sudan with our partners Caritas South Sudan and other Caritas agencies to provide emergency supplies to those most affected throughout the country. This emergency response includes distribution of food supplies, shelter and household items, seeds and tools, as well as promoting peacebuilding through workshops and continued dialogue.

All funds raised during the Caritas Challenge in 2019 will go towards supporting many of the most vulnerable people in South Sudan - those who have been impacted by ongoing conflict, displacement and food insecurity. Caritas has been working in South Sudan since indepedence. In that time, it has worked across the country responding to the needs of the families affected by the crisis. Much work is focused on providing emergency supplies and addressing food shortages.
South Sudan became indepedent from Sudan in 2011. Great hopes for the future were dashed in 2013 when civil war broke out across the nation. The extreme food shortage has been caused by civil unrest and drought. Thousands have been driven from their homes and crops by violence, and inflation has meant food prices are very high. As part of the emergency response, Caritas is continuing to help in the following ways through our partners on the ground distributing emergency supplies and also supports church at the national and community level to promote peace and justice across the whole nation. 




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