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Activities from previous years

Find here the games and activities from previous years that focus on topics such as inequality and poverty, water, the Pacific and climate change.


Inequality and Poverty Focus

Can YOU Cope?

Seven group challenges are provided to help students gain a brief sense of the fear others face, learn to empathise, learn a little, overcome personal challenges, develop teamwork skills, have some fun, and do something practical to help.

Our House

Students are challenged to reflect on the basic need of shelter through a story (This Is Our House), other Caritas stories, and their own experience and views.

Caritas Café

Here you’ll find lots of great ideas for setting up a café that will provide food from various cultures to raise both money and awareness for those in need around the world.

$2 Game

This game helps young people to experience negotiations in a win/lose scenario.

Co-operation Game

This activity illustrates working together to complete a certain task at hand and helps young people to develop their co-operation, problem solving, negotiation, coordination, self-control and communication skills. 

Daily Numbers

This game gives young people an understanding about the value and differences of labourers, their wages and salaries around the world.

What in the World

This activity highlights global inequality and help young people understand that many countries experience a different lifestyle to what we have in New Zealand.


This activity engage participants in discussion about the paradoxes of reconciliation by personifying key terms and concepts.


This activity focuses on global inequality and allows participants to experience the lives of other young people around the world.

Spacecraft Earth

This activity involves a three-tier class system on a spacecraft and allows young people to explore the inequalities of the world.

I should be so lucky

This game helps young people explore how the unequal distribution of wealth affects people's experiences and aspirations. The game cards for this game can be found here.



Water Focus

Buckets and Buckets – Daily Water Use 

Calculate how much water your family or group uses each day in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and outside.

Calculate Your Water Footprint

Use a water calculator to find out what your Water Footprint is and how you may be able to reduce your water use.

Catholic Social Teaching and Water

This activity allows groups to reflect on Catholic social teaching and bible verses that focus on water and our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation.

Washing Line Continuum on Water Issues

This interactive activity challenges group members to line up across a continuum and share their feelings based on their opinions.

Testing the Water

Statistics around water access are used for a number of activities to promote reflection about global justice.

Water Challenge Quiz

This short PowerPoint quiz will stretch young people’s knowledge about water to the limit. 

Water Statistics Challenge

This statistics based matching challenge is an excellent introduction to understand global water issues.

Life Without Taps

Families experience the challenges to accessing water and meeting their various needs.

Water Filter Creation

Work together and follow the steps to create your own water filter to test out.


Climate Change Focus

Treasure Hunt Leader Sheet

This activity sheet provides a leader the instructions and answers needed to run the Climate Change Detective Treasure Hunt activity for a group.

Challenges in the Pacific

This game is played in small teams and challenges students to overcome the effects of climate change while completing fun tasks. The PowerPoint for this game can be found here.

Take Action at Home

This poster from the Caritas Lent 2017 resources challenges us to consider how we can minimise our impact on climate change at home. 

For the Next Generation

Be inspired by this poem for Matefele Peinem - write your own pledge to care for the environment for the sake of the next generation.


Pacific Focus

Paper, Scissors, Rock, Petals

Play this extreme version of Paper, Scissors, Rock like Fijian young people and challenge your friends. 

Play Oreano

This traditional team game from Kiribati will test out even the most co-ordinated superstars!

PNG Hide and Seek

Iou Naiong is a team version of hide-and-seek played in Papua New Guinea. Give it a go and see who wins!

Sakem Ol Roks

If you’ve mastered petanque then this adapted game from Vanuatu will bring out your competitive instincts.

Tongan Banana Dumplings

If you’re hungry, grab some bananas and try out this great recipe for banana dumplings enjoyed in Tonga. 


South Sudan Focus

Beautiful Beads

Create African jewelry to wear as necklaces or bracelets.

Can You Cook South Sudanese Style?

Prepare a basic meal of ugali using this simple recipe to feed everyone.

Walk for Water

Take on the challenge of walking long distances carrying heavy water containers to replicate what millions of South Sudanese experience every day.

Build it Basic

Create a simple shelter to sleep in overnight to understand what many families face living in refugee camps.

Are you Ready?

Play a simple game of tag enjoyed by young people in South Sudan


Get ready to move quickly to dodge flying objects in this fun game played all over South Sudan


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