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SWEAT IT - Me Whakapau Werawera

Work in shifts over 24 hours, making items that help meet the needs of others or that you can sell in your community. Experience the physically demanding conditions that many young people endure daily just to survive.


Why 'Sweat It'?

The Sweat It Challenge invites you to stand in solidarity with the millions of workers, including children, who are forced into sweatshops around the world. Poverty forces many to sell their labour for very little pay in appalling conditions.

Often sweatshops are unsafe, dangerous and unjust. Learn about where your clothes come from and what conditions they were made in. Did the person who made your jumper get a fair wage?


  • You could organise your participants into shifts to cover the 24 hours of the Challenge.
  • The products you choose to make must be relatively easy to create, cost effective and appealing to your students.
  • Decide where you will sell your products, e.g. after Mass, at a local market or online. 
  • If participants are going to be making creative products, try to have three or four different stations each producing a different item. Participants can rotate through their shift.
  • Students can be sponsored for the hours worked, the number of items made or given a lump-sum for the 24-hour Challenge.



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