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LIVE IT - Me Whakaora

Build a temporary shelter from cardboard, newspaper and tarpaulins and sleep in it overnight. Experience what living without a home feels like. Participants are sponsored for their 24 hour demonstration of solidarity with the poor and homeless.


Why 'Live It'?

The Live It Challenge provides an opportunity to personally experience something that millions of families in the world do every day: living without a home and the comforts we take for granted.

One billion people live in slums – that’s one seventh of the world’s population! Slums are overcrowded settlements where people build their houses from whatever scrap materials they can find – a few pieces of tin, some timber, cardboard or plastic.


•    Start collecting your boxes, you’ll need loads!
•    Newspaper is an excellent insulator, and will keep the chill from coming up from the ground
•    Plan activities to keep your team enthused for the whole time
•    An open air context provides authenticity, but it may rain so have a dry venue alternative



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