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STOP IT - Me Kati

Give up something for 24 hours. Stop using electricity, technology, eating food, or something else you take for granted. Experience hardship like the world’s poor endure daily.Through being sponsored in this act of solidarity, participants can experience going without.


Why ‘Stop It’?

Preferential protection of the poor and vulnerable is a basic principle of Catholic social teaching: the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable must be put first.

This Challenge reminds us that we are all one human family and are responsible for one another wherever in the world we may be. The Stop It Challenge represents an act of solidarity with those who live in poverty.


•    Do the challenge by yourself, or join in with others and ‘stop’ something together
•    Incorporate this challenge into another event to keep participants occupied for 24 hours
•    Fun sports activities, games or even giving up your time to carry out some community service are all possibilities to include in the Stop It challenge



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