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State of the Environment for Oceania 2020 report

Caritas' annual State of the Environment for Oceania report for 2020, Towards New Horizons, was released through a global webinar on Friday 2 October, followed by an online Mass on Sunday 4 October hosted by the Catholic Diocese of Auckland.

The Caritas State of the Environment for Oceania report series has monitored critical issues affecting the life and wellbeing of Oceania and its peoples since 2014. The five main issues we monitor are rising seas and coastal erosion, extreme weather, access to safe local food and water, offshore mining and drilling, and climate finance. 

In late August 2020, Pope Francis said: "Today we have an opportunity to build something different. ...we can nurture an economy of the integral development of the poor, economy where people, and especially the poorest, are at the centre." Towards New Horizons challenges us to reflect on how such an 'economy' can be built in Oceania, in the face of interrelated social, economic and environmental crises.

The 2020 report is available to download below.


In report was launched with an online webinar and a celebration of Mass on the feast day of St Francis of Assisi in which the report was blessed by Bishop Michael Gielen of Auckland. The webinar included speakers from across Oceania who shared stories and first hand experiences of the climate emergency. Watch the webinar and the celebration of Mass below, or download the presentation slides for the launch webinar by clicking here.





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