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We support the community at Parihaka in being a self-determining community.

In the turbulent 19th century, under the leadership of Tohu Kākahi and Te Whiti o Rongomai, Parihaka became a place of refuge for displaced Māori and of non-violent resistance to the confiscation of Māori land.

Today, this small village on the western slopes of Mount Taranaki continues to be a place of gathering to discuss issues of the day, and explore peaceful responses to violence and injustice.

Caritas is currently supporting a community development initiative in Parihaka in which parents are working to provide a papatākaro (playground) for their families and the many visitors they host each year.

The design of the playground is intended to reflect the history and stories of Parihaka, as a medium of transferring their unique history and identity to future generations.

Caritas has worked with the communities of Parihaka to provide materials designed to help Catholic parishes, schools and the wider community learn about the history and current reality of Parihaka. A 12-page booklet, Remembering Parihaka, has been prepared to help Catholic schools and parishes reflect on the story of Parihaka.

A teachers' resource booklet Parihaka o neherā, o nāianei: Parihaka - past and present was officially launched at the Catholic Education Convention in June 2015. It has been delivered to all Catholic schools in New Zealand.

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