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State of the Environment Videos

Listen as the people of Oceania lift their voices to share their personal experience of critical environmental issues.

2020 Videos

Caritas' annual State of the Environment for Oceania report was launched on 2 October with an online webinar featuring speakers from across Oceania. Watch the webinar here and view other video stories from the report:

State of the Environment for Oceania 2020 Launch Webinar










Cyclone Harold in April 2020 severely affected Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tonga and Fiji.See impact and response on Vanuatu through this Caritas/Oxfam video.

Cyclone Harold aid response on Vanuatu

Carteret Islanders in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, are among the first people in the world forced to move from their homeland by climate change. Hear their story through their spokesperson Ursula Rakova, Executive Director for Tulele Peisa ('sailing in the wind on our own').

Climate displacement of Carteret Islands


2019 Videos

As part of World Environment Day and World Oceans Day in 2019, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand released videos highlighting key environmental concerns for the peoples of Oceania. 

Oceania Voices: Part 1
Malialosa Tapueluelu from Caritas Tonga says climate change is real as Tongans face sea level rise and more intense tropical cyclones. It is challenging livelihoods, culture and coping mechanisms. In the face of that, youth are actively involved in training and preparing communities for future emergencies.  

Oceania Voices: Part 2
Annemarie Mondu, Development Secretary for Papua New Guinea’s Bishops, relates how increasingly extreme weather – such as heavy rain, drought and cyclones – impact her people. Caritas in Papua New Guinea is involved in education and support to help people adapt and become more resilient. 

Oceania Voices: Part 3
From Fiji, Archbishop of Suva Peter Loy Chong says that while the Fijian government is outspoken on climate change, it is allowing gravel extraction for roading projects to destroy food sources and coastal ecosystems in his mother’s province of Tailevu.

Oceania Voices: Part 1

Oceania Voices: Part 2

Oceania Voices: Part 3









Videos from Caritas Fiji

Heartless Mining and Seabed Mining Concern in Ba
Hear the experience of the landowners around the Ba River mouth in Fiji as they explain the impact of black sand mining.

Heartless Mining

Seabed Mining Concern in Ba









Climate Change Lament
Archbishop Peter Chong wrote the lyrics of Climate Change Lament after visiting a coal mine in Germany 2018. The song seeks to empower those peoples experiencing climate change to become agents of change.

River gravel mining in Dawasamu, Fiji 
A short video shows the environmental damage caused by river gravel mining in Dawasamu.

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