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Lent in schools 2017

The theme for Lent 2017 came from Psalm 27: ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek’. This phrase reminds us that when we encounter our brothers and sisters, wherever they may live, we encounter the face of Christ.

Just Water: Climate Change in the Pacific is the title of this education resource series which features many stories from Pacific communities highlighting their climate related challenges. Just Water is relevant as many of the issues involve either not enough, or too much, water; but more importantly, access to sufficient, safe, fresh water is a human right and a matter of social justice. 

A wide range of resources have been designed to integrate country focused modules with a Lent module for 2017, the links are below.. Teachers and students are encouraged to use the Lent module for the first and last week of the Lenten period. The five country modules could be used as a unique focus each week with at least one lesson provided at each learning level. Common themes cross over between the countries and the order in which they are covered does not matter. 

Country modules have also been designed so that teachers can use them as separate teaching units for future use. Lessons could be easily adapted to provide a range of relevant activities for students across all levels.

Lent in schools 2017 - Lent module

Lent in schools 2017 - Key resources

Lent in schools 2017 - Fiji module

Challenges facing Fiji include extreme weather, food insecurity, trauma and relocation. Learn about how Cyclone Winston affected Joelli, Vasiti, Paulina and their families.

Lent in schools 2017 - Kiribati module

Rising sea levels are causing coastal erosion, water salination and food insecurity in Kiribati. Learn about what Rabaere, Namoriki and the Caritas Kiribati Youth Group are doing to adapt to climate change.

Lent in schools 2017 - Papua New Guinea module

Challenges facing PNG include drought, food insecurity and relocation. Learn about what Ursula and Matthias are doing to help their communities adapt to climate change.

Lent in schools 2017 - Tonga module

Rising sea levels are causing reduced fresh water access in parts of Tonga. Learn about what Katalina, Soane and Amelia are doing to cope with climate change.

Lent in schools 2017 - Vanuatu module

Extreme weather events are making life difficult in Vanuatu. Learn about the resilience of communities and schools, as they rebuild and prepare for future climate challenges.

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