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Lent 2021 resources for parishes

Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in preparation for Easter. Each year the Lent Appeal is run by Caritas on behalf of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference (NZCBC) to support our work of charity and justice for the poorest and most vulnerable around the world, including Aotearoa New Zealand.

During Lent, New Zealand's Catholic Bishops invite us to provide for the needs of the poor through the work of Caritas. Money raised through the Bishops' Lent Appeal helps us to fund both development and emergency relief work around the world. Each year, Caritas develops resources for parishes and communities to guide reflection and prayer throughout the six weeks of Lent.


The theme for Lent 2021 is "A New Way Forward" is inspired by Pope Francis' words in Laudato Si' highlighting God's infinite presence throughout both the highs and lows of our life on earth. Throughout our lives, we face obstacles and challenges that change our world and lead us to adapt in unexpected ways. Most notably over the past year, we have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic which has swept the globe, touching the lives of every person and compelling us to shift our ways of living and interacting with each other. Through these seasons, God's love constantly impels us to find new ways forward.


Resources and the Lenten Reflection Programmes (LRPs) are prepared each year for parishes, schools, small groups and the wider community. Links for digital versions of each resource are available below or can be found through our Resources page. Printed copies of the LRPs can be ordered online; for printed copies of other resources, please contact us.


Lent 2021 Resources:


Lent 2021 Resource Kit - Includes:

  • Notes for Speaking
  • Notes for Parish Newsletters
  • Liturgical Resources:
    • Ideas for helping focus on the meaning of Lent
    • Prayers of the Faithful 
  • Financial:
    • Instructions for counting Lent Donations 
  • LRP Order Form

2021 Lent Reflection Programme - English 

2021 Lent Reflection Programme - Te Reo Māori 

2021 Lent Reflection Programme - Samoan 

2021 Lent Reflection Programme - Tongan

Lent 2021 Poster - English and Te Reo Māori (2-sided)

Lent 2021 - Slide Presentation for Speakers (PowerPoint)

Lent 2021 - Slide Presentation for Reflection (PowerPoint)

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