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South Sudan

We have been working with our partners in South Sudan to provide emergency supplies and improve food security and access to fresh water for the thousands of people who have been displaced by civil conflict. In 2017, famine was declared in some areas of South Sudan making the situation even more difficult. 

Emergency Relief/ Development Programmes

We are partnering with Caritas South Sudan and other Caritas agencies to provide emergency supplies to those affected by the famine in South Sudan where 5.5 million people face severe hunger. 100,000 of these are facing famine. The extreme food shortage has been caused by civil unrest and drought. Thousands have been driven from their homes and crops by violence and inflation has meant food prices are very high.

As part of our emergency response, we are continuing to help in the following ways through our partners on the ground:

  • Distribute emergency food supplies

  • Distribute shelter and household items such as jerry cans, buckets, and other essentials

  • Distribute seeds and tools

Our Senior Humanitarian Programmes Coordinator, Mark Mitchell visited South Sudan in March and April 2017. He was there to assist Caritas South Sudan in their response to the famine.

Mark also visited in July and August 2016 to assist Caritas South Sudan in their response to the outbreak of violence.

To help us continue providing life-saving healthcare to those in need within South Sudan, please give generously. 


Thanks to the New Zealand Aid Programme, all donations to the East Africa Crisis Appeal will be doubled. 

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