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Solomon Islands

Caritas works with both Church and community partners in Solomon Islands to respond to key needs across the education sector, as well as water and sanitation needs.

Solomon Islands 

Caritas has worked with trusted Church and community partners in the Solomon Islands since 2014 to respond to key needs across the education sector, as well as water and sanitation needs. For the next five years, our work continues through the He Oranga Taurikura Programme. He Oranga Taurikura will deliver projects to reduce poverty with a focus on girls and women, refugees and migrants, and indigenous peoples. He Oranga Taurikura works with the New Zealand Aid Programme, who will contribute $3 for every $1 donated to the He Oranga Taurikura fund. Accordingly, one dollar donated now can become four dollars in the Solomons.  

Development Programmes 

Rural Training Programmes 

Caritas has worked in partnership with the New Zealand Aid Programme since 2014 to strengthen Rural Training Centres and improve access to these institutions for young people. As of 2021, we have developed relationships with up to 25 RTCs in the Solomon Islands. RTCs are vocational tertiary training centres that provide agricultural, carpentry, mechanical life skills training to provide young people with the skills and training required to earn a living in a country with high youth unemployment and a fast-growing young population.   

Our goals in our partnership with RTCS are to: 

  • Upskill instructors in the fields of agriculture, mechanics and carpentry, small business skills.  

  • Support sharing knowledge and experience in technical and agricultural areas in which New Zealand has a lot of expertise. 

  • Deliver management and administration training courses for RTC administrators.  

  • Improve small RTC infrastructure and purchase equipment.  

  • Run adult literacy improvement and budgeting training courses for RTC students and local community members. 

  • Support training for both men and women so that they can have the skills to be more employable and self-reliant.   


Caritas has and will continue to work to improve women’s enrolment in RTCs. At present, women comprise around 20% of RTC students. Caritas has taken practical steps to make the centres more accessible for women – such as providing separate dormitory and bathroom facilities. These facilities make it possible and safe for women to attend the programmes, and we have seen a significant increase in enrolment (230%) since providing these facilities. Over the next five years we aim to provide more facilities like these so that women are better able to participate and benefit from RTC training. 

Past Emergencies  

We have also supported the El Nino (2015/2016) Water Shortage Mitigation – in the Dioceses of Auki and Gizo, as well as water supply upgrades and roof replacement following Cyclone Harold in 2020. We will continue to respond to any future emergency recovery where possible.    


Secondary Education 

Caritas will be supporting a provincial secondary school which has asked to be taken over by the Catholic Church and need large amount of funds to cover a range of expenses. Consequently, enrolment has jumped from 29 students to 230+. Educational development is a key focus area for Caritas in the Solomon Islands. 

If you would like to support our work in the Solomon Islands and see each $1 donated by you become $4, you can donate to the He Oranga Taurikura fund here:  


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