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In 2017 the Health Champions project was launched to promote health lifestyles and reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease. It also aims to reduce malnutrition in children.

Development Programmes

Kiribati Health Champions

Last year the Kiribati Health Champions project was launched, it will promote nutrition and healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk factors of non-communicable disease among adults and child malnutrition.

The project will deliver nutrition leadership training to women and youth, will support community health promotion and will build the capability of community-based organisations. Communities in South Tarawa will initially benefit from the health programme before it is expanded to include four outer islands over the next four years. Our relationship with Teitoiningaina - the Catholic Women’s Association has proved invaluable as they are the lead partners in this project.

Youth Coconut Tree Planting (Abaiang Parish Youth Group)

This project seeks to support young people to replant coconut trees on their own land as an investment in the future for their own livelihoods. Coconut trees provide a source of income and livelihood for I-Kiribati as the source of copra (there is a copra mill in South Tarawa), toddy sugar (coconut palm sap), and potentially virgin coconut oil. Recently, Abaiang Island was certified as an organic island and work began with making and selling organic toddy sugar.

Coconut trees take up to seven years to bear fruit, by involving young people in planting their family lands they receive a small income and gain increased knowledge of coconut planting and care.

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