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We support farmers in Western Nepal to develop strong small farming and agro-business co-operatives. This helps to ensure livelihoods, food security and sustainable economies for communities.

Nepal in Co-operative Enterprise (NICE)

The NICE project builds on the success of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) project which trained farmers to produce higher yields. The project strengthens the economic development of farmers through 17 savings and credit cooperatives in 20 villages in Western Nepal.

The project supports agricultural and livestock enterprises through micro-credit, technical training and environmentally safe inputs to improve food security and income for 4,000 small farmers. Cooperatives support and promote income generation and socially positive outcomes for members. Forest user groups promote environmental conservation practices through improving natural resource management.

Development of women’s leadership and improved access to healthcare and nutrition for women and children will be additional outcomes.

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Watch Without Rain

See how a rural community in Syangja, Nepal, is working together to confront the challenge of climate change.

Without Rain from Splashroom Media on Vimeo.

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