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We are working with  vulnerable communities in Bamyan Province  to improve food security through farming and nutrition education. The project focuses on fostering sustainable behaviour to address issues of food security.

Development Programmes

Enhancing Economic Opportunities in Bamyan     

Our partner Catholic Relief Services (CRS - Caritas USA) is working with 30 communities in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan, where food security is particularly dire. The programme is focused on improving agriculture productivity and food security as well as preventing environmental degradation.

Training is provided for community members on agriculture, livestock, natural resource management (NRM), nutrition messaging and vegetable cultivation activities. Community members took trips to other communities in order to get inspiration and share new techniques for improving food security sustainably.

This is a three year programme that runs from October 2014 to September 2017. Over the first year, from 26 demonstration keyhole or kitchen gardens that were constructed, 211 gardens were created in the communities taking part in the programme. Vegetable seeds and plastic, for winter protection, were provided to households who committed to build and cultivate replication gardens.

The programme also receives support from the New Zealand Aid Programme’s Partnership Fund. This programme builds on successes already achieved in these areas through work that commenced in 2011.


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