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Amelia Ma'afu - Tonga

At the launch of Caritas’ environment report in October 2014, Small yet strong: Voices from Oceania on the environment, Amelia Ma’afu (Programmes Coordinator & Climate Change Officer, Caritas Tonga) shared how Caritas Tonga is reinforcing traditional farming systems to provide food for all. Such systems address food security and people’s health and help survive natural disasters. While some crops may be damaged, others will survive and secure enough food to get people through the period of rehabilitation. 

It is one vital component of Caritas Tonga’s innovative programme addressing climate change and reducing the risk from disasters, and Amelia is responsible for implementing the programme. She says the traditional practice of shifting cultivation helps ensure a stable and productive environment. It is the oldest and most sustainable way of securing livelihoods of Tongans.


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