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Caritas First Australians

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand’s Tangata Whenua Programme links with Caritas Australia’s First Australians Programme, which also works with local indigenous communities.

Caritas staff and partners in both countries have benefitted from attending each other’s annual partners meetings for the past two years.

In June 2016, Lisa Beech, our former Advocacy and Research Manager, attended the Caritas Australia First Australians Programme partners meeting in Ross River near Alice Springs with our tangata whenua partners from Kaikōura and Parihaka.

Representatives of one of Caritas Australia’s partners visited Aotearoa New Zealand In March 2016. Red Dust Healing is an indigenous approach to healing and reconciliation, and works with a wide range of communities.

People who have benefitted from the programme include those recovering from long term trauma resulting from colonisation, including people removed from their homes as children, and families dealing with violence and addictions.

Red Dust Healing visited the communities of Parihaka to begin a process of mutual exchange and sharing.

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Tutu ana te puehu - Stirring up the dust