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State of the Environment Stories

Throughout the year, to support the Caritas State of the Environment for Oceania report, we share stories from around the region to amplify the voices of those people who are experiencing critical environmental issues firsthand.

Stories from 2020

28 September 2020: Accessing Safe Water in Samoa

28 September 2020: Red Dust Healing: Dealing with Drought, Bushfires and COVID

28 September 2020: Climate finance for disaster preparedness in Samoa

26 August 2020: Season of Creation 2020

22 May 2020: "Let us sing as we go": Looking forward with hope

22 May 2020: Caring for land, caring for people in the urban environment

21 May 2020: Kaitiaki2Share competition results are announced

21 May 2020: Youth and environmental justice

20 May 2020: Farming for sustainability in Fiji

19 May 2020: Old ways and new blend together in work of restoration

18 May 2020: Caring for our Common Home in Oceania

15 May 2020: Celebrating Laudato Si' Week: "everything is interconnected"

9 April 2020: Caritas responds to Cyclone Harold

27 March 2020: Struggle continues to protect Namosi from mining in Fiji

20 March 2020: Clean water: a basic for survival and safety

17 March 2020: Cardinal calls for end to ‘selfish policies’ in deep sea mining discussion in PNG

18 May 2020: Caring for our Common Home in Oceania


Stories from 2019

1 October 2019: Cut the talk, take action says Caritas in launching 2019 Oceania environment report

27 August 2019: Caritas call on us all to take responsibility for planet wellbeing

7 June 2019: Oceania Voices on Caring for our Home

5 June 2019: Answering the Call to Care for Earth and People

24 April 2019: Environment Aotearoa 2019 report a wake-up call to protect for future generations


Stories from 2018

10 October 2018: “Alarm bells should be ringing in the corridors of power"

4 October 2018: The Caritas State of the Environment for Oceania Report: Waters of Life, Oceans of Mercy - Releases today

8 September 2018: Life in Tonga - The lasting effects of Cyclone Gita

25 July 2018: Zero Carbon Bill - An Important Step Forward on Climate Change

5 June 2018: World Environment Day – “beating plastic pollution”

9 May 2018: Caritas Talanoa Dialogue Joint Statement

4 March 2018: Responding to Cyclone Gita

13 February 2018: Caritas goes to work on Gita response


Stories from 2017

5 October 2017: New Government Must Respond to Tides of Change

26 September 2017: Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand Calls Upon All to Care for the Earth

19 September 2017: Caritas responds to worldwide emergencies

11 August 2017: One casting vote determines the future for New Zealand’s oceans

28 July 2017: Climate change – the ultimate intergenerational issue

25 July 2017: Powering remote Pacific communities with renewable innovations

20 July 2017: Caritas calls for halt to deep sea mining

29 June 2017: Cyclone-safer houses in Vanuatu

6 June 2017: Our oceans, our future

28 April 2017: Stewardship of the Pacific Ocean – our responsibility to protect

23 February 2017: Growing resilience in PNG Highlands


Stories from 2016

10 November 2016: Caritas calls for focus on most vulnerable at Marrakech climate conference

5 October 2016: Caritas welcomes NZ ratification of Paris Agreement

3 October 2016: Caritas reports widespread hunger and thirst across the Pacific

29 September 2016: Kiribati deep sea mining concerns

23 September 2016: State of the Environment for Oceania report considers impact of El Nino

27 May 2016: ETS subsidy removal one small step on long road

23 April 2016: Preparedness key to weathering Cyclone Amos in Samoa

22 March 2016: Innovative project to rebuild cyclone-safer houses in Fiji

15 March 2016: Getting the washing done: Fiji life after Cyclone Winston

4 March 2016: Cyclone Winston devastation in Fiji: “worse than we could ever have imagined”

4 March 2016: Preparedness in Tonga key to weathering Cyclone Winston

12 January 2016: From Paris to the Pacific: putting COP21 agreement into practice

8 January 2016: Global common good, not national interest required on climate change


Stories from 2015

15 December 2015: Historic climate conference agreement welcomed

11 December 2015: Human rights ‘non-negotiable’ at Paris Climate Conference

30 November 2015: Caritas Director to speak at Paris Climate Conference

20 November 2015: Government needs to urgently prepare for rising seas

17 October 2015: Climate finance 'woefully inadequate' at reaching those most in need

30 September 2015: Caritas says the time to act on climate change is now

28 August 2015: Major emergency looming in PNG

16 July 2015: Timid climate change target will have long-term costs

26 June 2015: The Human Face of Climate Change Migration: Ursula Rakova from Carteret Islands, PNG

18 June 2015: “Praised be": Pope Francis releases encyclical Laudato Si'

4 June 2015: Caritas calls for New Zealand to be “bold and ambitious" leader climate change

23 April 2015: Food harder to find on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea

21 April 2015: Mud, sweat and cheers: the Vanuatu recovery in relief

17 April 2015: NGO cooperation helps residents reclaim neighbourhoods

8 April 2015: Caritas humanitarian coordinator reflects on aftermath of Cyclone Pam

17 March 2015: Shelter a priority in response to Cyclone Pam - Vanuatu Bishop

23 January 2015: Caritas cautions against undermining RMA purpose


Stories from 2014

20 November 2014: Pacific climate funding must prioritise the poor

30 September 2014: Traditional local knowledge helps Tonga face climate change challenges

24 September 2014: Oceania voices on environment loud and strong in Caritas report to be launched

11 August 2014: Clean water – a fundamental human right

7 April 2014: Eight dead and 15,000 flee as floods hit Solomon Islands

27 January 2014: Disaster continues for cyclone hit communities in Tonga

13 January 2014: Caritas pledges $40,000 to Tonga in wake of Tropical Cyclone Ian destruction

10 January 2014: Caritas communities prepare to respond as Tropical Cyclone Ian approaches Tonga


Stories from 2013

5 December 2013: Caritas responds to drought in central Tonga

31 January 2013: Cyclone recovery continues in the Pacific and Philippines


Stories from 2012

17 December 2012: Caritas mobilises in Pacific for cyclone relief

24 August 2012: Lament, Hope, Action: Christian Environmental Conference in October focuses on creation care


Stories from 2011

23 November 2011: Caritas Tonga takes action against the effects of climate change

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