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Seabed mining

Based on seven years of listening to voices on the environment from Oceania, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand calls for seabed mining in national and international waters to be banned.

Seabed mining will destroy marine life and ecosystems where it operates, and potentially cause harm over a much wider area. Indigenous and coastal communities’ wellbeing has been disrupted by exploration practices, licensing procedures and near-shore seabed extraction. Ocean health is already threatened by overfishing, pollution, and the climate emergency, without needing another stress.

Caritas holds that extraction of minerals from the seafloor is unnecessary. We can do more to reduce consumer demand and recycle existing minerals in circulation, while technologies for renewable energy are rapidly changing.


Take Action - Stop seabed mining

Caritas supports petitions calling for a ban on seabed mining in New Zealand and globally. Add your voice below.

The Ban Seabed Mining in Aotearoa petition calls on the New Zealand government to ban seabed mining in New Zealand waters to protect our moana, our ocean. “We know that a healthy environment creates a stronger more sustainable economy as well as sustaining wellbeing and cultural values.” Sign the Petition here.

Support the Pacific Blue Line against deep sea mining (DSM) launched by Pacific civil society organisations and endorsed by Caritas in Oceania. “We are the Ocean … A total ban on DSM is the only way to ensure the integrity of the ocean, the heart of our planet.” Sign the Pacific Blue Line here.


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Read Caritas' coverage of seabed mining issues since 2014 through the Caritas State of the Environment for Oceania reports.

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