The Catholic Agency for Justice, Peace and Development


Caritas provides resources for educators, students, parishes, social justice advocates, researchers and for prayer.

Our resources support our mission to educate and inform people about the causes of poverty and injustice. They also promote reflection and action for a fair and just world.

Special resources are provided each year for Lent, Social Justice Week, and the Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants.

Our publications keep people up-to-date on development and justice issues, and provide specialist research on key topics. Submissions to government and other institutions are also online.

All videos can be found on the Caritas YouTube Channel


Sopee the Super Helper PowerPoint File Download Sopee the Super Helper.pptx (8.01 MB)
Rural Training Centres (2014 Flashback) PowerPoint File Download Rural Training Centres (2014 Flashback).pptx (1.28 MB)
Paulina's Garden PowerPoint File Download Paulina's Garden.pptx (20.08 MB)
Nearly 1,000 islands (2014 Flashback) PowerPoint File Download Nearly 1,000 islands (2014 Flashback).pptx (5.1 MB)
Masterchefs in the Making PowerPoint File Download Masterchefs in the Making.pptx (3.03 MB)
Learning in the Solomon Islands PowerPoint File Download Learning in the Solomon Islands.pptx (5.15 MB)
King Tide at School! PowerPoint File Download King Tide at School!.pptx (2.53 MB)
Houses and Hope PowerPoint File Download Houses and Hope.pptx (16.06 MB)
Food in Kiribati PowerPoint File Download Food in Kiribati.pptx (20.22 MB)
Farming Co-operatives in Cambodia (2016 Flashback) PowerPoint File Download Farming Co-operatives in Cambodia (2016 Flashback).pptx (1.83 MB)
Energy from Waste PowerPoint File Download Energy from Waste.pptx (13.47 MB)
Caritas Helping out in Cambodia (2016 Flashback) PowerPoint File Download Caritas Helping out in Cambodia (2016 Flashback).pptx (5.46 MB)
Auki Water Project (2014 Flashback) PowerPoint File Download Auki Water Project (2014 Flashback).pptx (2.07 MB)
Amelia Ma'afu (2017 Flashback) PowerPoint File Download Amelia Ma'afu (2017 Flashback).pptx (2.96 MB)
Accountant Advertisement October 2019 Fact sheet PDF icon Download Caritas-Accountant advertisement.pdf (82.61 KB)
Position description_Accountant Oct 2019 Fact sheet PDF icon Download Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand - Accountant 08102019.pdf (87.86 KB)
Caritas Update 80 (Spring 2019) Flyer/brochure PDF icon Download Spring Update 2019.pdf (3.15 MB)
Rohingya Crisis Fact Sheet Fact sheet PDF icon Download Rohingya Crisis Fact Sheet.pdf (537.33 KB)
2018 Annual Report Annual Report PDF icon Download Annual Report 2018 FINAL (003).pdf (14.52 MB)
Caritas Update (Winter 2019) Flyer/brochure PDF icon Download Winter DMA Newsletter 2019.pdf (2.76 MB)

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