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Social Justice Week 2017

Each year the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand set aside a week in September for Social Justice Week. In 2017 it ran from 10 to 16 September and the theme was Weaving bonds of belonging: Knowing our neighbours

"I wish to insist that love always proves more powerful. Many people… are able to weave bonds of belonging and togetherness which convert overcrowding into an experience of community in which the walls of the ego are torn down and the barriers of selfishness overcome. "

Pope Francis, Laudato Si', 2015

The relationship between people and a sense of community is an important reflection of the wellbeing and health of a society. Today, although we have more consumer goods, steady economic growth and rapid technological advancements, we still witness the realities of poverty, crime, addiction and hostility in our society.

Pope Francis reflects in his letter Laudato Si’ that social cohesion is being threatened in today’s world. We do not just need economic growth and development, but also the kind of development that can enable all people to participate in society and to cultivate meaningful relationships with each other.

We are born into family, whānau, neighbourhoods and communities. They are not always perfect but God intended that we grow through our interaction with others.  

This Social Justice Week, we hope that everyone can take up the challenge set by Pope Francis to take big or small actions to weave bonds of belonging in our local community. In the choices and decisions that we make, we remember that our wellbeing is tied up with the wellbeing of the whole community.


Come join us as we explore how we can ‘weave bonds of belonging’ in our own communities!

As part of Social Justice Week 2017, we joined with local Church organisations to hold interactive workshops in Dunedin and Hamilton to reflect on disconnection and connection in our community, and discuss concrete actions we can take towards weaving bonds of belonging.


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