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JULY 2015 ISSUE - Ongoing work in Sudan (Darfur and Nuba Mountains), the continued recovery in Nepal, Mufti Mania, programmes in Papua New Guinea, and our submission on the Child Hardship Bill.

AUGUST 2015 ISSUE - Social Justice Week 2015 focus on family poverty in New Zealand, our Peace in the Middle East campaign, the growing El Nino emergency in PNG, Timor Leste programmes, and our submission on the Easter Trading Bill.

SEPTEMBER 2015 ISSUE - Syrian refugee crisis, our 3 Hours for Syria campaign with schools, programmes in Nepal, and the release of our inaugural State of the Environmnent in Oceania report.

OCTOBER 2015 ISSUE - The People's climate march, a Syrian refugee's personal story, the El Nino crisis in PNG, development work in Solomon Islands, and submissions on employment law.

NOVEMBER 2015 ISSUE - Director's preparations for speaking at Paris Climate Conference, El Nino effects around Pacific, recovery work in Vanuatu, development in Kiribati, and sea rise in Aotearoa New Zealand.

DECEMBER 2015 ISSUE - Caritas network welcoming Syrian refugees to Europe, supporting refugees in Jordan, Justice Leadership Days, Caritas Challenge 2016, and SINGout4JUSTICE.

JANUARY 2016 ISSUE - Caritas introduces its 2016 Lent Appeal and looks at Justice Leadership Days, Caritas Challenge, development in Fiji, Benefit Impact in Auckland and resilience in Vanuatu following Cyclone Pam.

FEBRUARY 2016 ISSUE - Lent information, Cyclone Winston in Fiji, SINGout4JUSTICE, Justice Leadership Days, development in the Philippines and increasing the refugee quota.

MARCH 2016 ISSUE -Cyclone Winston, development in Solomon Islands, Caritas Challenge, new Caritas website, a visit from Caritas Australia First Australians programme team and zero hours submission success.

APRIL 2016 ISSUE - Cyclone Winston response in Fiji, Nepal one year on from earthquakes, Caritas Challenge, Benefit Impact in Wellington, development in Afghanistan, SINGout4JUSTICE and a prayer for the Year of Mercy.

MAY 2016 ISSUE - Fundraising for Syria will be matched one to one by the Government until 1 August, Day of Prayer for Refugees and Mirgrants coming up, no new homes in the 2016 Budget's housing spend, development in Peru, SINGout4JUSTICE, Benefit Impact in Wellington and a call for migrant workers to be interviewed for a Caritas research project. 

JUNE 2016 ISSUE - Solidarity with Syria Appeal,  Mufti Mania coming up on July 8, Caritas Australia First Australians programme meeting attended by Lisa Beech and tangata whenua partners from Parihaka and Kaikōura, development and flooding in Tonga, Catholic Volunteers Overseas and a prayer for Syria.

JULY 2016 ISSUE - Solidarity with Syria Campaign, SINGout4JUSTICE winners, Mufti Mania, South Sudan update, Kiribati development programmes and the Easter Trading Bill.

AUGUST 2016 ISSUE - Social Justice Week focus on welcoming migrants, civil conflict in South Sudan, World Youth Day in Poland, 
Solomon Islands trialling wind power and the Migrant Worker Research Report.

SEPTEMBER 2016 ISSUE - State of the Environment Report for Oceania 2016 will be launched in October, Kiribati - impacts of a changing environment and deep sea mining concerns, displaced people in South Sudan, rebuilding in Vanuatu and a wrap-up of Caritas Challenge 2016.

OCTOBER 2016 ISSUE - State of the Environment Report for Oceania 2016 was launched at Parliament, Pope Francis calls for global prayer for peace in Syria, supporting those fleeing from Mosul in Iraq, helping Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew, land rights in Cambodia, Caritas submission opposing deep sea mining off shore of Taranaki.

DECEMBER 2016 ISSUE - Thousands displaced in Aleppo, Syria, Kaikōura earthquake and partnership, Lent 2017, Caritas Volunteers Overseas and farewell to long-time employee Lisa Beech.

JANUARY 2017 ISSUE - This newsletter covers 2016 in review including: Syria, Cyclone Winston in Fiji, South Sudan, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Cambodia, the State of the Environment Report for Oceania, the Migrant Worker Research Report, Caritas Challenge and the Benefit Impact.

FEBRUARY 2017 ISSUE - Lent 2017, South Sudan famine, supporting Papua New Guinea after El Nino, Caritas Challenge 2017, Justice Leadership Days, Timor Leste and our submission on the Budget Policy Statement.

APRIL 2017 ISSUE - Food crisis in East Africa, New Zealand Government matched funding for donations to East Africa, thanks for Lent donations, Caritas Challenge, Justice Leadership Days in schools, development in the Philippines, stewardship of the Pacific Ocean, Caritas Gifts for Mother's Day and a prayer for South Sudan.

JUNE 2017 ISSUE - Food crisis in East Africa, Caritas Director presents at the UN, rebuilding in Vanuatu, Caritas Volunteer Overseas Doug Tennent, Parihaka reconcilliation, Mufti Mania and a prayer for East Africa.

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