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Monsoon challenges

By Prakash Khadka, Caritas Nepal

On Tuesday 30 June, the Sindhupalchowk relief distribution team planned for distribution to start at 8am. They had already sent four trucks loaded with supplies to the distribution site the night before. Early in the morning, the team started their journey, but soon after their journey begun, they were stopped due to a landslide.

DipakTamang, the Caritas Nepal Sindupalchowk team leader, contacted the army forces in the district. The local battalion in charge tried to find a bulldozer to clear the road, but they said this may take a couple of house. The Caritas Nepal team decided it would be better to walk than wait for road to open.

Leaving behind the vehicle, the team crossed a kilometre long ‘Jure Landslide’. Somehow they managed to hire another vehicle on the other side, only to find that the bridge to cross the next river was cracked.“The only way is to walk on foot,” said Dipak over the phone.

This situation is usual in Sindhupalchowk. A Caritas Nepal earthquake response team was deployed immediately after earthquake to the district, which is one of the worst-hit districts and ranked first in terms of casualties and destruction. 

People walk 3 to 4 hours up and down the mountain to reach the relief distribution place. The team decided to distribute to people from far away villagers first, so that they can return home sooner. But landslides and floods hamper mobility in the district, and it is dark by the time they reach home, carrying relief items on their back.

The distribution of relief items in Gorkha have also been affected by the monsoon. Caritas/CRS is supplying CGI sheet for temporary roof constrictions in North Gorkha, in an area which is not accessible by road. We have been working in coordination with World Food Program, who has been providing helicopters to help us reach this area with supplies. However, for the last couple of weeks, flights have been frequently cancelled due to monsoon and bad weather.

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