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The One World Partnership newsletter provides an in-depth look at one of our various projects each issue. The newsletter is sent out to each of our supporters who donate regularly, enabling us to continue working for a world free of poverty and injustice.

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OWP 52 Catholic Overseas Volunteer in the Cook Islands

In Issue 52, we take a look at the work of our Catholic Volunteers Overseas programme in the Cook Islands, and for the first time we interview some of our young Caritas staff members. 

OWP 51 Overcoming COVID-19

In Issue 51 we take a look at overcoming COVID-19, support for the Holy Lands through our partners at Caritas Jerusalem, and the NZ Government Budget for 2021.

OWP 50 Programmes in the Pandemic

In Issue 50 we take a look at the work the programmes that have continued during the global pandemic and the upcoming Social Justice Week for 2020.

OWP 49 Caritas Emergency Response

In Issue 49 we take a look at some of Caritas' recent emergency response and preparation work.

OWP 48 Celebrating the Season of Creation

In Issue 48 we take a look back on the Season of Creation and the different ways that Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has celebrated this Season. From advocating for the care of the earth in the global climate strikes, sharing the stories of our neighbours in the Pacific in its sixth State of the Environment for Oceania report, to planting trees and creating a new exciting annual competition in 2020, read about how CANZ has celebrated the Season of Creation this year.

OWP 47 Micro-Financing for the Future

Issue 47 looks at the micro-finance initiatives and training programmes that implement community-based financial services as the needs and capabilities of Caritas' development partners change and grow. The generous support provided by our One World Partners allows us to strengthen and develop programmes and initiatives that help communities flourish.

OWP 45/46 Healthy Water, Healthy People

Issue 45 focuses on the Healthy Water, Healthy People project currently underway in Bitokara, situated in New Britain - Papua New Guinea. Maintaining a clean and safe water supply is paramount to any community and a key step in ensuring that the health and wellbeing of individuals and families is addressed.

OWP 44 Tackling Nutrition in the Pacific

Issue 44 focuses on health and nutrition programmes in Kiribati. Recently we launched the Health Champions programme in South Tawara to enhance the skills of local women and youth to improve health outcomes, promote healthy lifestyles, as well as to increase financial literacy.

OWP 43 Accompanying farmers of Cambodia

Issue 43 focuses on rural farmers and local communities in northeastern Cambodia. We work with Development and Partnership in Action (DPA) to foster sustainable farming and improve methods of production,
processing, storage, transport and marketing.

OWP 42 Long-term partnership in Tonga

Issue 42 looks at our strong partnership with Caritas Tonga. We work with them in the areas of livelihoods and Disaster Risk Reduction, as well as supporting a Climate Change Officer.

OWP 41 East Africa food crisis

This issue looks at the work we are supporting in East Africa. Famine has been declared in South Sudan where 5.5 million people are in urgent need of food. We also support partners in Turkana, Kenya where extreme food shortages have been caused by drought.

OWP 40 Peace in the Middle East

Through our partners in the Middle East we support development programmes and provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the ongoing humanitarian crises in Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Palestine.

OWP 39 Timor Leste

We partner with HAFOTI, a thriving non-government organisation in Timor Leste that empowers more that 250 rural women to create local products for sale.

OWP 38 Fiji

Cyclone Winston caused widespread destruction in Fiji, this newsletter outlines our response as well as profiling a Rural Training Centre on Taveuni Island which we support.

OWP 37 Papua New Guinea

A severe El Nino weather pattern is seriously affecting the Oceania region, particularly Papua New Guinea. We are continuing to respond and work with communities to prepare for this slow-moving emergency.

OWP 36 Nepal earthquakes

In the immediate aftermath of the initial major earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015 our strong presence, local partnerships and Church network enabled us to mobilise immediately to distribute emergency supplies to thousands in need.

OWP 35 Vanuatu - Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam was the largest cyclone to ever hit Vanuatu, Caritas responded quickly to distribute food and tarpaulins.

OWP 34 Solomon Islands

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has a close partnership with Solomon Islands. This year we began a new five-year programme to strengthen Rural Training Centres (RTCs) in partnership with the New Zealand Aid Programme.

OWP 33 Philippines - Typhoon Haiyan

Following Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines on 8 November 2013, more than 30 different Caritas organisations from around the world came together to respond and Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand’s Humanitarian Coordinator, Mark Mitchell, was deployed to the Philippines to lead the international Caritas response. We continue to work with local communities to help them recover.

OWP 32 Facing down disasters in the Pacific

This year Caritas has been involved in a major programme to strengthen emergency preparedness and response mechanisms in three Pacific countries. This issue backgrounds the context and highlights the Tongan simulation exercise through the eyes of our partner Caritas Tonga.

OWP 31 Standing with West Papua

A report from our Programmes Officer Nick Borthwick who recently visited West Papua.

OWP 30 Stories of leadership in Timor Leste

Three inspiring stories of leadership from Timor Leste which just celebrated 11 years of independence on 20 May.

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