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Caritas Update highlights recent activity and news from all areas of our work. It is sent as either a physical publication or an e-version three times a year, to coincide with our seasonal appeals in Winter, Spring and Summer.

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Caritas Update 75 (Summer)

The Caritas Update for summer 2017 looks at the Rohingya refugee crisis, Lent in 2018, environmental issues and our report, Turning the tide. We also hghlight the first World Day of the Poor.

Caritas Update 74 (Spring)

The Caritas Update for spring looks at Social Justice Week and its theme of building communities; our Catholic Volunteer Overseas, Doug Tennent and his work in Papua New Guinea; and our livelihood programme in the Philippines. We highlight the winners of the SINGout4JUSTICE competition and the innovative clean power pilot project in the Solomons as well as Director Julianne Hickey's presentation at the UN and an honor for Solomons partner Billy Mae.

Caritas Update 73 (Winter)

The Caritas Update for Winter looks at the food crisis in East Africa, where we are supporting people in South Sudan and Kenya. Update also includes images from both our Justice Leadership Days for senior high school students and the Caritas Challenge. Other articles cover our development work with women in Timor Lests, Caritas' response to the 2017 Budget and our Catholic Volunteers Overseas programme.

Caritas Update 72 (Christmas 2016)

The Christmas 2016 issue of Update focuses on our Peace in the Middle East campaign, work in Vanuatu following Tropical Cyclone Pam, and Caritas support for South Sudan. We introduce the theme for the 2017 Bishops' Lent Appeal, which is Your face, Lord, do I seek. The Caritas Challenge and the 2016 Caritas State of the Environment Report for Oceania, Hungry for justice, thirsty for change, are also included in this issue.

Caritas Update 71 (Spring 2016)

Our Spring 2016 issue focuses on Social Justice Week and the theme of migration, including our small-scale study of mirgant worker experiences and our work supporting Syrian refugees. We also look at how our development projects in Cambodia and Tonga are changinig lives, and the great entries in our annual songwriting competition.

Caritas Update 70 (Winter 2016)

Our Winter 2016 issue features an update on our response to Cyclone Winston in Fiji, the Benefit Impact advocacy event we helped run, the success of the Caritas Challenge, our programme in Kiribati, and what a difference our water project in Solomon Islands is making to the communities there.

Caritas Update 69 (Summer 2015)

Our summer 2015 issue features an update on the growing El Nino emergency in the Pacific (particularly in hard-hit PNG), the Bishops' Lent Appeal in 2016, and the Syrian refugee crisis.

Caritas Update 68 (Spring 2015)

Our spring issue looks at Social Justice Week and its theme of family poverty. Our programmes and humanitarian responses in Darfur, Nepal and with communities from the Carteret Islands also feature; as does the release of Laudato Si' and its call to protect 'our common home'.

Caritas Update 67 (Winter 2015)

The winter issue of Update looks at emergency work in Nepal and Vanuatu and development work in Cambodia. It also highlights our new resource for teachers about Parihaka and includes a photo essay about the Caritas Challenge.

Caritas Update 66 (Summer 2014)

The Christmas issue of Caritas Update looks at our Pacific environment report, health education in Palestine, the Bishop's Lent Appeal and empowerment and change we've affected in Nepal.

Caritas Update 65 (Spring 2014)

The spring issue of Caritas Update looks at what is happening during Social Justice Week this year, our Peace in the Middle East Campaign and work we have been doing at home in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Caritas Update 64 (Winter 2014)

Caritas Update has a new fresh look. Our winter issue 64 covers the Day of Prayer for Refugees and Migrants, Singout4Justice, Caritas Challenge our emegency work and a justice and peace diary.

Caritas Update 63 (Summer 2013)

This edition of Update covers the Typhoon Haiyan disaster, disaster preparedness in Tonga, Caritas' recent trip to Palestine, Caritas Challenge and our advocacy work in Kaikoura.

Caritas Update 62 (Spring 2013)

The spring 2013 issue covers Social Justice Week, Papua New Guinea, West Papua, the Philippines, Syria, Vanuatu disaster preparedness, Parihaka, our latest submissions, Mahitahi, schools news and the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel

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