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Mufti Mania 2018

In February, Cyclone Gita caused widespread damage throughout Tonga. One of the worst affected schools was Apifo'ou College in Nuku'alofa.

Catholic primary schools joined with the NZCPPA and Caritas to raise money through Mufti Mania to help the school:

  • Repair school classrooms and labs
  • Replace lost teaching resources

They held a mufti day on July 6th for the purpose of bringing back some sense of normality to Apifo'ou College students in Tonga.

Use the following resources to find out more about Apifo'ou College and what happened in Tonga after Cyclone Gita.



In 2017, Catholic primary schools joined together to raise funds for Nawi Catholic Primary School in Fiji. As a result, the school now has solar power and new books for their new and improved library space. Check out this video:

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