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Lent in schools 2019

The theme for Lent 2019 is inspired by a quote from Pope Francis: 'Living our lives with love.' We are called to live our lives with genuine love - for others and for God.

Peace, Love and Life: Hope and Challenges in South Sudan is the title of the unit which features stories from South Sudan that highlight the challenges faced by millions of South Sudanese that have encountered ongoing conflict and food insecurity.

A wide range of resources are available in both the South Sudan module and the Lent module for 2019. Teachers and students are encouraged to use the Lent module for the first and last week of the Lenten period. The South Sudan module has been designed to provide four lessons at each level between the start and end of Lent. The teacher booklet provides a good summary of all the resources available and how they can be used.

The South Sudan module can also be used as a separate stand-alone teaching unit for future use. Lessons could be easily adapted to provide a range of relevant activities for students across all levels.

Contact the education team to order hard copy versions of the various Lent 2019 resources.

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