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Lent in schools 2018

The theme for Lent 2018 was inspired by a quote from Suzanne Aubert: ‘Let us go together’. We are personally called to go on a journey - with each other and with God. In the course of the journey we are changed and we change the world around us.

Let us go together: Journeying to peace and hope in Timor-Leste is the title of the unit which features stories from communities in Timor-Leste that highlight both challenges and transformation. Key themes include peace, reconciliation, overcoming poverty and empowering women.

A wide range of resources are available in both the Timor-Leste module and the Lent module for 2018. Teachers and students are encouraged to use the Lent module for the first and last week of the Lenten period. The Timor-Leste module has been designed to provide four lessons at each level between the start and end of Lent. The teacher booklet provides a good summary of all the resources available and how they can be used.

The Timor-Leste module can also be used as a separate stand-alone teaching unit for future use. Lessons could be easily adapted to provide a range of relevant activities for students across all levels.


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