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Indigenous peoples

Caritas works to raise awareness and seek change to address issues experienced by our Tangata Whenua partners in Aotearoa New Zealand and other indigenous peoples overseas. 

"We recognise indigenous people as the first occupiers of land, and we recognise also the rights and responsibilities which flow from that." 

New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, 2010

Indigenous people, both in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world, have faced and continue to face many injustices.  While progress has been made in recognising human rights concerns, achieving improved human rights outcomes for indigenous people remains a concern in Caritas’ domestic and international work.

Caritas works to recognise and respect the rights of indigenous people at home and abroad.  This has included advocating for New Zealand to sign up to the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, which was achieved in 2010.


Treaty of Waitangi

Caritas advocates on issues arising from Treaty and indigenous rights.


We work with indigenous communities in Cambodia to support them to protect their land from illegal logging and land grabbing.

West Papua

Caritas calls for an end to human rights abuses in West Papua and urges peaceful dialogue to resolve tensions there.

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