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Social Justice Week in Schools

Social Justice Week 2018 runs from 9-15 September and will focus on disability and inclusion. The title of the resources is Enabling Communities: Everyone has a part to play.

Education resources will be available online and sent to schools before the end of August. These will include background notes, daily prayers, stories, activities and a liturgy.

Stories wanted!

We realise that educators in schools are the experts on inclusion of students with different abilities. So this year we are inviting teachers and students to share their stories with us. We would love to provide schools with a range of effective practices and learnings.

If you would like to share your story with us please get in touch with

You may want to:

  • Create a short video
    • which demonstrates students of different abilities learning from each other.
    • capturing the feelings and reflections of students who have felt included or been enabled to participate through various means.
    • hearing from staff about their experiences with students of different abilities and success stories and/or challenges
  • Create a PowerPoint with images of inclusion and participation, with some accompanying text.
  • Create a Word document or poster explaining how students are included in the daily life of the school (with images).

By sharing our stories we will all learn from each other, and as a result, all of our communities will become better enabled, ensuring that all can play their part.

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