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Catholic Volunteers Overseas

Caritas administers the Catholic Volunteers Overseas (CVO) programme.

Following on from the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference’s consultation with Oceania partners, the CVO programme has also been given a broader scope to include a wider selection of countries, including Papua New Guinea and Kiribati. Peru and Timor Leste, countries that the New Zealand Catholic Church has a special relationship with, are also included in the list of volunteer opportunities that have been identified.
Volunteer placements vary in length from a few months to a year or two, as do the kinds of skills needed. English teachers are highly sought after, as are builders and people with skills in finance, management and administration.

Current volunteer positions:

Solomon Islands



Papua New Guinea

If you are interested in volunteering overseas, please email your cv to us indicating the skills you could bring to a volunteer placement and any particular countries you have an interest in. You can also download an application form either as a PDF or a Word document below.

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